We are excited with the re-opening of our industry and look forward to seeing all of our clients once again! While we are back to working events, we are encountering some limitations to the availability of product and services, which require more flexibility than usual. We are also experiencing price increases in all areas of catering that we foresee affecting our proposal estimates into 2022. As a result, pricing on our website should be used as a general guide, as all prices are subject to change at this point in time. Even with these challenges, we are excited to be back and hope that you will consider our services for your future events!

With quality ingredients from an outstanding team, A Sharper Palate exceeds expectations every time.



Your business is important, and making the perfect impression among your clients and co-workers, is a consistent goal.



There are so many occasions to celebrate in life and we are fortunate to be allowed to be part of many of these.



Weddings are such an exciting time in a person’s life and we can offer our experience to help you maneuver what is involved at all levels.



Let A Sharper Palate cater your next event! Contact a member of our team today to go over the details of your event.