Established in 2008, these restaurants are the brainchild of owner Tuffy Stone, who spent thousands of hours and miles learning and driving to bbq contests around the country developing this restaurant concept. His desire was to learn how to cook with wood, and to do so at a level that mirrored his culinary commitment at A Sharper Palate, and has provided him with multiple world and national championships as a result.

These restaurants are located around the city of Richmond, and offer a casual, easy going atmosphere, where all feel welcome and comfortable. BBQ is a food everyone can relate to and we at Q Barbeque continually strive to provide perfectly cooked meats and delicious sides from scratch.

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Our newest venture incorporates the success of competition BBQ with the organized event planning of A Sharper Palate. Tuffy Stone is now offering cooking classes for the competition bbq cook, to the weekend backyard cook. These classes are located next to A Sharper Palate and provide detailed instruction in the elements of meat preparation, injection, rubs, fire maintenance, pits, temperatures, etc.

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